the calm before

the calm before is a two-character father-daughter drama set in Rockport, TX the night Hurricane Harvey makes landfall. Ellen desperately attempts to get her recalcitrant father, a conservative 65-year old former Navy SEAL, out. As the hurricane bears down – difficult parts of their past and their current ideological differences play out; the two brace themselves for a night of tough winds, tough love, and confronting uncomfortable truths.

Ellen Mayborn, 32. Female. She wears wellies the entire play. Sometimes speaks quickly. She’s like a hurricane in her own way. She has panic attacks but not in dire circumstances. Only over little things. And she can’t explain it. Mitch Mayborn, 65. Male. Ellen’s father. He wears loafers the entire play. He has an incredible amount of volition and nerve. He’s like a hurricane in his own way. He doesn’t own a cell phone, but not because he’s a technophobe. He just can’t be bothered to adjust. He has a dry sense of humor. Temperamental but sees himself as a generous, giving man.