The Bacchae, adapted from Euripides

King Pentheus of Thebes bears a legacy of denial from his aristocratic family regarding the circumstances of the birth of his cousin, Dionysus. Dionysus comes to Thebes accompanied by the Bacchae, a group of passionate women under his influence. But are these women caught up in a cult of personality, or is the long-denied divinity of Dionysus what truly has them caught in his spell?


The cousins come head-to-head in a clash that will settle scores from generations past, and will lead the family to unimaginable violence. This English adaptation of Euripides' classic play is in rhymed verse to create a close approximation of the rhythms and poetry of the original Greek text.

6 M/ 6 F Opportunity to use many additional women in the chorus.
Brian Vinero, adapted from Euripides