THE ARCHWAY - A Full-Length Play

Jeffrey Morrison is a highly successful senior partner at a prominent and extremely conservative Boston law firm. He is very close to achieving his life-long dream; being elected the firm’s Chairman of the Board.  Suddenly, this dream is threatened when in the middle of the night, Jeffrey’s degenerate brother, Phillip, breaks into his Beacon Hill townhouse covered in blood. Phillip explains to his highly successful brother that he and his under-aged, illegal immigrant girlfriend have just murdered a man. He goes on to describe how he slit his throat and then carried the victim’s bloody, lifeless body into an alleyway, under an archway and deposited it into a garbage dumpster. Jeffrey’s first concern is not for his brother’s welfare, but instead, that this crime may somehow now jeopardize his own chances for the chairmanship. He cannot risk his chances for the appointment for anything, and so he takes control of the situation.  As the story untangles, we learn that nothing is how it first appeared to be. The one thing that remains unchanged is Jeffrey’s determination to win the Chairmanship… regardless of what may be required.


The play has a cast of three (2M/1F) and runs approximately 90 minutes.

JEFFREY: AGE: 44 THE HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL BROTHER: He is a wealthy and successful senior partner at an extremely prominent/extremely conservative law firm in Boston. The Board of Directors of the law firm is considering him for the Chairman of the Board position… an honor he desperately wants. He lives in the most impressive townhouse in the Beacon Hill section of Boston and speaks with a Boston accent. PHILLIP: AGE: 36 THE HIGHLY UNSUCCESSFUL BROTHER: He is an uneducated, alcoholic with a history of bad behavior, crime and corruption. He has never been able to stay in a job or stay out of trouble. He is so much the antithesis of his brother it is hard to believe they grew up in the same household. ROKSANA: AGE: 19 THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT GIRLFRIEND: A hard-edge, scrappy but sexy illegal immigrant from Crimea. She’s tough. She has had a rough life. She speaks broken English with a thick Eastern European accent.
Donald Loftus