(Almost) Got It Made

(7 named parts: 3 women, 4 men, chorus optional)

Your audience will leave the theater whistling after seeing this musical comedy, with its witty lyrics and catchy melodies.  (Almost) Got It Made both recalls the classic American musical, and updates the genre by using a wide variety of music styles and telling a modern story.  This one-act musical is a condensed version of the full-length Got It Made for groups seeking a shorter (65-minute) piece with a smaller cast (7 named parts; chorus optional).  

Our heroine Molly Merriweather is a young woman (20's or 30's) hoping to make her mark at Cheeseman's Real Estate Development and Management, Inc. (think Trump Enterprises).  Her assistant Freddy is a loyal friend and employee, but romantically challenged.  Her college friend Chloe, a glamorous fashion photographer, has just returned from Milan to learn her identity has been stolen.

Molly talks Freddy and Chloe into staking out some ATM's to try to catch the identity thief. While Freddy and Chloe find a perfectly shallow kind of love, Molly's investigation leads right back to Cheeseman's and threatens to bring down the whole company.  It all leads to fun, surprises and the requisite happy ending in this send-up of office politics, modern romance, and corporate corruption. 

MOLLY MERRIWEATHER (f) Protagonist - - A young woman in her twenties working at Cheeseman Real Estate Development and Management, Inc. (think Trump Enterprises). FREDDY SWEETBRIAR (m) Molly’s assistant at work and friend; he falls in love very easily. CHLOE CRYSTALSON (f) Molly’s college friend - - a beautiful jet-setting fashion photographer with lots of family money. NORVALL CHITWOOD, III (m) Molly’s immediate boss; charming on the surface, he picks favorites and has a condescending bite. EARL CHEESEMAN/ MYSTERIOUS STRANGER (m) Earl Cheeseman is the Big Boss of Molly’s company. Also plays the Mysterious Stranger (probably hooded or otherwise disguised). OFFICE MANAGER/ SANDWICH LADY (f) Secretary/Office Manager in Molly’s company. Also plays the sandwich delivery person and back-up singer. OFFICER OWEN TRÜSTY/ GENERIC OFFICE WORKER (m) Officer Trüsty is the policeman who investigates the theft of Chloe’s ATM Card and PIN number from her apartment. He also plays a generic office worker when necessary. CHORUS (optional): miscellaneous officer workers, etc.
Maureen Kane Berg (Librettist, Lyricist, Co-Composer); Thomas C. Berg (Co-Composer)

Chapter 1: GOT IT MADE ("The Morning Commute" and "The Company Song")