Alien Abductions, Typically Speaking

Alien Abductions, Typically Speaking is the story of sixteen-year-old Josiah. Josiah has never met his father. According to Josiah’s mother, this is because Josiah’s father lives on another planet. Josiah’s mother, revising the truth of a frat party hook-up, has always told Josiah she was impregnated with him during an alien abduction in her freshman year of college. As the play opens, Josiah is moving back in with his mother, who now lives with her fiancé, Johnson Davis, after six months in a group home. In the home of Johnson Davis, Josiah meets Bree, Johnson Davis’s seventeen-year-old daughter, who first declares Josiah her secret boyfriend, later declares herself pregnant with Josiah’s child, and ultimately leads Josiah, through her belief in his origin story, to face up to its falsehood.

Josiah A sixteen-year-old boy Bree A seventeen-year-old girl Josiah’s Mother A thirty-five-year-old woman Johnson Davis A fifty-five-year-old man Patrick A fifteen-year-old boy Frat Boy A nineteen-year-old boy/A thirty-six-year-old man Bart A twenty-two-year-old man (Frat Boy, Bart, and/or Patrick may be played by the same actor.)
BH James

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