Alice in War

Alice in War is a contemporary fable about a girl and her family confronting the absurdity, senselessness and intimacy of war. This fantastical play weaves a curious tale as Alice, Bianca and Rabbit journey through a surreal desert war in search of an Angel shot down by the military. With loose threads of Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard

of Oz and other coming of age journeys, Alice encounters bizarre characters and mysterious surprises. Alice in War explores loss, home, injustice and dysfunction that play on the edges of magic realism.

Alice, Bianca (Alice's sister), Rabbit (Bianca's boyfriend), An Angel, Soldier with Flower in Mouth. Soldier with Gas Mask, Rabbit Head Soldier, Henri the philosopher, Alice's Mother, Father Soldier, Swurps (warring creatures) A General, The White Queen,
Steven Bogart