The play is actually comprised of three plays with a combined running time of 90 minutes without an intermission:

PART I: “DARK MATTER” is a short play that starts the trio. It runs about 15 minutes and has a cast of two. (1 M/1F)

“DARK MATTER” SYNOPSIS:                                                                                       MARION and PALMER have been married a long time... maybe too long. The couple has been uprooted and the marriage has gone sour. MARION is not happy. PALMER seems better adjusted, but he too wishes it all could be the way it once. Of course, it can’t. “THEY” would never allow it.


“MAID TO MEASURE” SYNOPSIS:                                                                                    When successful scientist/businessman, DORIAN, agrees to meet with his long lost schoolmate, JAMISON, he has no idea what his old chum has on his mind. DORIAN is soon to learn that his former buddy, whose marriage has apparently soured, is looking for a new wife...but this time he wants her to be “made to order”. He’s hoping his nerdy former science class buddy can help.



The lives of two simple-minded nobodies named BUDDY and CHUM get tangled up with a somewhat ditzy housewife named BUNNY and her disgruntled factory worker husband, HARV. In a series of bizarre scenes, they struggle to try to figure it out. , as they struggle to get to sleep. FINALLY...they are all in God’s Waiting Room...(and we are not talking about Florida)... the answers to all of their questions are finally received.

“DARK MATTER” MARION: AGE 30-50 A loving wife. PALMER: AGE 30-50 A loving husband. “MAID TO MEASURE” JAMISON: AGE 30-50 A spoiled but charismatic man. DORIAN: AGE 30-50 A highly successful, executive. “AFTER ALL” Buddy: AGE 30-50 Chum’s simple-minded friend. Chum: AGE 30-50 Buddy’s slightly smarter friend. Bunny: AGE 30-50 A ditsy housewife married to Harv. Harv: AGE 30-50 A disgruntled factory worker. Peter: AGE 60’s A demoted Saint. Tech One: AGE 20-50: A Computer geek. (Any gender) Tech Two: AGE 20-50: A Computer geek. (Any gender)
Donald Loftus