Adaptive Radiation

Full-Length. Alternative rom-com. 


Denizen Theater premieried the play in their inagural season.

"Four millennials are brought together and catapulted into whimsical chaos by a strange, other-worldly spec of light. A mystical, energetic comedy that asks us to look into our assumptions about adulthood, career and education as we reflect on the need to take action, before falling prey to the existential blackness inhibiting our contemporary world."

An energetic, alternative rom-com adventure.

Workshopped @ the Playwrights' Center in conjunction with the Playwright Development Program & M.D.C Department of Cultural Affairs. Sep. 2016.

Artist Repertory Theater to host reading of Adaptive Radiation @ The Fertile Grounds Festival in Portland, Or. Jan 19-29, 2017. 

3 F 2 M
Hannah Benitez

Audience Reactions for DENIZEN Theatre's WORLD PREMIERE: 'Adaptive Radiation'