Abraham's Daughters

This play was recognized by Cutting Ball Theatre in San Francisco as a Risky Play runner-up in their Risk is This Festival 2015.  

(Father of Nations) Abraham returns to Israel to bury his wife and make aliyah only to discover the Palestinian family he created in 1947 suffering in the midst of the first Intifada (1993).  His American daughter and granddaughter struggle to recognize their family across cultural division and loss.

4 women, 1 man, unit set, two acts


1 man seventies (could be played by many ethnicities like Hispanic, Greek, Slavic, Arabic, only played as white), 2 women late-thirties to mid-forties (one American white Jew, one Palestinian Muslim), and 2 young women in their late teens to early twenties (one plays white American Jew, the other Palestinian Muslim -- either could be cast Hispanic, Greek, Slavic, Arabic etc.)