5 Year Plan

When his best friend Roger considers leaving the city, and pursuit of the arts, for a new relationship, Theo begins to unravel. As his world shifts around him, Theo has to face his own struggle with the future, a relationship that won’t grow, and his "best laid plans". 5 YEAR PLAN explores the dreams we wanted for ourselves at one time, and the way life shapes or destroys them along the way.

THEO, twenty-something, male-identifying, Leah’s live-in boyfriend of several years, thinks he’s set for life ROGER, twenty-something, male-identifying, Rebecca’s new boyfriend, a struggling actor LEAH, twenty-something, female-identifying, Theo’s live-in girlfriend of several years, a professional REBECCA, early-twenties, female-identifying, Roger’s girlfriend, wants something else SCOTT, twenty-something, male-identifying, a long-time friend but hard to pin down
Jake Alexander