Theater Begins... with monsters

Hannah Joyce, Alayna Jacqueline, and guest C. Meaker
Wednesday, April 24, 2024 - 12:00pm


Monsters have been used to scare, to admonish, and to expose society's ills. They can hide in the shadows, always lurking nearby, or hide in plain sight. They can be frighteningly grotesque or look like your friendly neighbor. We've invited C. Meaker to dive into monster theory and how it can be used to tell stories on stage for more than jump scares. As always, we will respond to questions submitted via the Membership Podcast: Theater Begins Here Questions Form.

This Episode is for Those Who:

  • Are interested in experimenting with horror.
  • Want to gain a better understanding of the metaphors of horror, in particular those of monsters and ghosts.
  • Are interested in how horror and history work together.
  • Love C. Meaker's work and want to listen to her thoughts, ideas, and experiences.
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