Theater Begins... with magic

Hannah Joyce, Alayna Jacqueline, and guest Gina Femia
Wednesday, February 28, 2024 - 12:00pm


Every writer wants to create a captivating, magical experience for their audience. In this episode of Theater Begins Here, we've invited Gina Femia to talk about the elusive idea of magic. How can literal illusions and magical metaphors be used to create spectacle on the stage? As always, we will respond to questions from the live audience or those submitted via the Membership Podcast: Theater Begins Here Questions Form.

This Episode is for Those Who:

  • Want to discover ways to use and describe magic in their scripts.
  • Are searching for new ways to create spectacle in their plays. 
  • Are interested in how other playwrights have used magic.
  • Love Gina Femia's work and want to listen to their thoughts, ideas, and experiences.


Episode will be availabe on February 28
BACKGROUND: Shades of purple to red to yellow PHOTO: Headshot of Gina Femia, a white person with brown hair and brown eyes, a serious expression on their face in front of an elevated subway in Brooklyn, NY.