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Here at the Playwrights' Center, we choose to assume good intent among our members and their work. Yet, we also want to provide a space that allows for constructive feedback from various identities, backgrounds, and experiences. Sometimes, a piece of writing can be unintentionally triggering for a variety of reasons. If you find yourself uncomfortable at any moment, don't feel pressured to continue reading. If you read a play description and are unsure whether it's right for you, please email Alayna Jacqueline Barnes,, for further information—including spoilers if that's what you need.


RAIN RAIN by Allen Fowler

Rain, Rain portrays a woman's attempt to demolish her past and summon an utterly new reality. Jossie is a Sisyphus character; yet she is not condemned to repeat an impossible task by any external judge(s) but by her belief in the power of her own will.

Is this script right for you?
This play includes themes and discussions of Mental health, Family trauma, and Murder/Killing.

MAIDEN VOYAGE by Rachel Teagle

Sarah and her runaway bridal party embark on a swashbuckling adventure, outsmarting lecherous pirates, slaying sea monsters, and battling fearsome foes. Can her unconventional crew find the strength in themselves, and each other, to keep their ship afloat?

Is this script right for you?
This play contains some swashbuckling violence, offstage creature dismemberment

BANSHEE (a play with Irish step dancing) by Natalie Welber

As teen Irish dance rivals Shannon and Ria train for their final World Championships, the girls twirl through a gale of feelings about siblings, celebrities, gods, and each other. Weaving together Celtic folklore, live music, and dance, Natalie Welber’s queer coming-of-age dramedy, BANSHEE, wrestles with the monumental question of growing up: who are you going to be, and what are you willing to lose to get there?

Is this script right for you?
This play has references to/discussion of homophobia, racism

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