At the PWC this week: Sherry Kramer

Second-year Core Writer Sherry Kramer is workshopping her new play Three Quarter Inches of Sky at the Playwrights’ Center this week with director Leah Cooper and actors Sally Wingert*, Mark Benninghofen*, and Mary Fox (*Member of Actors’ Equity). She will conclude her workshop with a read-through of the script, and is opening it up to the public. Join us if you are able! The reading is Thursday, December 15 at noon. Get to know Sherry a little better with this mini-interview:

What will theater be like 45 years from now?

I think that the most exciting thing is the way that our sense of time is being transformed by culture and technology. We are racing toward a more and more fluid understanding of the relationship between when, what, and why. Will there be plays where future events affect the past? Fate is a pretty wild thing to think about in light of this. As is character. Plot. Story. Should be interesting.

What is the most rewarding point for you in the writing process and why?

When I realize my play is something different than I thought it was—that the machine I’ve been building has a different, deeper purpose. I go to the theater to be transformed, after all. If life made sense, we would not need to go to the theater. When you're writing a play, it’s part of life. But when the play is finished, it’s on its way to becoming something outside of time—a mystery that reveals itself.