At the PWC this week: Carlyle Brown

Core Writer Carlyle Brown is workshopping his play The History of Religion at the Playwrights’ Center this week, in collaboration with director Noël Raymond, composer/musician Victor Zupanc, and musician Ahanti Young. The workshop will conclude with a free public reading on Wednesday, November 22 at 4 p.m. Learn a bit about Carlyle in this mini-interview.

What are the keys to a successful long­-term collaboration (such as, for example, yours with Noël Raymond)?

In my work with my principal director, Noël Raymond, the keys to our successful long-­term collaboration are trust, mutual respect, shared values, a desire to change the world, and a willingness to accept the mystery of making art. With us, the relationships in the room are just as important as the work. The rest takes care of itself.

Tell us about The History of Religion.

My solo practice comes out of the tradition of the African Griots, the traditional storytellers of West Africa. Part of every Griot’s repertoire is a praise song. Recently I asked myself, “What is a Griot without a praise song?” and not having one I decided to embark on that journey. The History of Religion is a solo show with music about faith and spirituality.