Playwrights' Center Stands in Solidarity with Writers

An orange square with the headline "Solidarity for Writers" ("solidarity" in white and "for writers" in black) above a drawing of a fist closed around an old-fashioned fountain pen

Playwrights’ Center stands in solidarity with the striking writers of the Writers Guild of America. 

For over 50 years, the Center has been dedicated to supporting playwrights. Our work is grounded in the belief that writers play a crucial role in witnessing the past, illuminating the present, and dreaming us forward. By sharing their stories on stage and screen, writers guide us toward a more just, empathetic future.

Playwrights’ Center has been a leader in equitably compensating writers and theater artists for the labor required to develop and tell their stories. Our commitment to playwrights compels us to advocate for creative industries in which all writers and artists not only survive but thrive. We stand in support of all efforts to ensure fair and equitable compensation for those who create and share the stories that inspire, move, and entertain us.