A Walless Church: The Black Woman’s Guide To Making God

A photo of the playwright AriDy Nox
by AriDy Nox
In person: Wed, Apr 26 at 7:00 p.m. and Sat, Apr 29 at 8:00 p.m. Available online: Mon, May 15 – Sun, May 21

A Walless Church is a Living Room play/ritual/lecture where three godlings create God, interweaving between narrator and protagonist and teacher and student and priestess and witness and god and God recklessly. Oru, the seasoned expert, Nona, the perfectionist, and Mo, the newbie. While Oru, Nona, and Mo struggle to create a God worthy of Creation, they also struggle with the various black women they haphazardly embody, all of whom are struggling to see the God within themselves. But our godlings are persistent and they refuse to fail. (At least, not without a fight.)

From AriDy: “I am really excited to develop A Walless Church, because right now I think the most radical act we can make in our current culture is to care deeply for each other, within and through difference. Inspired by the poet Ashlee Haze casually observing that ‘Black women are a walless church,’ this play posits that interrelationship is divine, and it allows these black women to find divinity through their relationship with each other.”



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