by Stacey Rose
Available online: Friday, May 6 – Thursday, May 12

Beats and lyrics by Zion “No!z” Rose

Part fable and part documentary theatre with an ensemble cast, Trapt explores the world of trap music, its artists, and its culture. Inspired by the events surrounding the legal woes of Soundcloud rapper Tay K 47, Trapt seeks to understand the motivation behind the music, the infamy that propels its biggest stars toward success and often tragic failure, and the reasons why America loves it so much.

From playwright Stacey Rose: “While I was at NYU, my son Zion and I bonded through our connection to trap music. For me, trap was the high-octane fuel that helped me navigate my PWI grad school experience. The more Zion and I talked about the music and artists, the easier it was to see that the fame and glory the industry promised was often a trap. I asked Zion to explore this world with me via theater. He was down ...  as long as it wasn't corny.”

Trapt will be developed through the In the Lab program, as part of the PlayLabs Festival


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Part of the PlayLabs Festival