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Here at the Playwrights' Center, we choose to assume good intent among our members and their work. Yet, we also want to provide a space that allows for constructive feedback from various identities, backgrounds, and experiences. Sometimes, a piece of writing can be unintentionally triggering for a variety of reasons. If you find yourself uncomfortable at any moment, don't feel pressured to continue reading. If you read a play description and are unsure whether it's right for you, please email Alayna Jacqueline Barnes,, for further information—including spoilers if that's what you need.


BIPLANE by Patricia Barrier

Two sisters, Nicki and Ellie, cope with their family dysfunction in divergent ways. Laura, their mother, is overwhelmed by anger and grief as she tries to protect her girls and save her marriage. 

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There is strong language, drug addiction, and military casualties.

THE RED SWEATER by J. Lynn Jackson

A Catholic priest in search of love wrestles with belief and doubt. His journey – both guided and misguided by family, work, church, and self - ultimately inspires a leap of faith beyond the bounds of conventional religion and into the passionate embrace of a bigger God.

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There is religious fundamentalism, homophobia, and brief references to thoughts of suicide.

NATASHA by Donna Gordon

This is Russia around 1920 when the Bolsheviks took over the monarchy. Inspired by the Anastasia legend, this is the story of Natasha, raised in a country estate, forced to flee her country, and with the help of another ex-patriot, successful in avoiding those who hunt for her.

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This play shows the dangers of an immigrant fleeing a country.

WOMEN LIKE US by Dan Taube

Alice, a recent rape survivor is at a turning point in her life. Through her complicated relationship with her mother Lola, her supportive best friend Cindy, and the memories she has of her gramma, she is coming to realize that in order to be the best mother to her adoptive daughter Lucy, she needs to let go and move on. It's as simple as that. Or is it?

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This play contains trauma, sexual assault, and suicide.

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