The Percy Meacham Dance Experience

Darren Canady
by Darren Canady
Available online: Friday, May 6 – Thursday, May 12

The Percy Meacham Dance Experience is known the world over as a vibrant, propulsive ambassador for Black life and culture. But new times demand new dreams…and apparently new bodies. When Percy Meacham’s board and managing director tell him their dollars will be tied to a new vision for the company, Percy decides that only innovation and change will ensure the company’s survival. But when the revolutionary spirit he inspired in his core dancers refuses to be snuffed out or ignored, a battle over legacy, cultural ownership, and what it means to be a family threatens to tear the company apart.


From playwright Darren Canady: “I can still remember the way Alvin Ailey’s Revelations made me stop breathing when I first saw it. Over time though, I’ve actually started to question whether he and his work could be supported now –  a time when we are reliving old fights over what Black is or ain’t, but with new voices joining the fray. And what happens if someone who only wants to experience celebration and joy finds themself in the middle of that fight?”


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