McKnight Theater Artist Fellows Present Works in Progress

Katharine Horowitz and Regina Marie Williams
Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 7:00pm
The Southern Theater, 1420 S Washington Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55454

Featuring showings of new pieces by 2017-18 McKnight Theater Artist Fellows Katharine Horowitz and Regina Marie Williams.

Tuesday, June 12 at 7:00 p.m. at the Southern Theater. Register online, by emailing, or by phone at (612) 332-7481.

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Accessibility info: Katherine's piece will be performed in ASL; Regina's will be ASL-interpreted. Large print programs will be available.

The 13 Clocks, by James Thurber
Conceived by Katharine Horowitz

Directed by Lindsey Cacich Samples, with Regina Daniels and Sarah Brown

A mysterious prince must complete a seemingly impossible task to free the princess Saralinda from the clutches of an evil duke. A few days before Saralinda’s twenty-first birthday, Prince Zorn of Zorna (disguised as a minstrel named Xingu) arrives in town and promptly gets himself arrested and imprisoned. When the Duke interviews him, Zorn declares his intention to court Saralinda, and The Duke, aware of Zorn’s identity, gives Zorn the task of finding a thousand jewels in a limited amount of time. To complicate things further, the Duke commands that when Zorn returns, the thirteen frozen clocks in the castle must all be striking five…

Written in a cadenced style, with complex wordplay, this excerpt of The 13 Clocks will be performed in American Sign Language with an immersive soundscape. One deaf actor and one hearing actor will perform, the latter of whom will interpret the sound into ASL. However, the story will not be spoken in any audible language. There will be some super-titles for the hearing audience - summarizing key plot points - but otherwise the hearing audience will be left to figure out the story based on the sound design and the visual poetry of metaphor and gesture.


The Voice Lesson
by Regina Marie Williams

Directed by Isabel Nelson of Transatlantic Love Affair, with Kiara Jackson and Ashawnti Sakina Ford

From Regina: For much of my life I have worked to find the bridge between my speaking voice and my singing voice. The worst of it is having no voice at all.  Devised through improv and clowning, The Voice Lesson is what it can feel and look like after losing one’s voice and mind AGAIN!

Katharine Horowitz and Regina Marie Williams, 2017-18 McKnight Theater Artist Fellows