In The Lab: Vapor Trail

Ken Urban
Friday, December 18, 2020 at 7:00 pm CST

Bennett and Leslie experience unspeakable tragedy. Bennett is a music journalist who, in the face of great loss, can no longer listen to music. Leslie runs away from her old life when she realizes her relationship cannot recover. In the Hudson Valley, at a chance meeting at a farmer’s market, these two strangers develop an impossibly strong connection. It’s an encounter they can’t forget.

From Ken:

I was inspired to think about how grief might bring strangers together; how it’s something you can share with a stranger, not with someone who knows you. The play had a workshop right before life shutdown. Audience members commented the play might work as a ‘radio play.’ Since the shutdown, I’ve been thinking about ways to bring this play to life during our current state of quarantine. I plan to use my workshop as an opportunity to imagine what a 21st-century audio play might sound like, and to get deeper into the story of Bennett and Leslie.”


by Ken Urban
directed by Knud Adams
with design consultation by Daniel Kluger and Christian Frederickson
featuring April Matthis and Maulik Pancholy

Read the program here.