Dirty Laundry

A headshot of playwright Mathilde Dratwa. She is standing in front of a stair case. Her hand is resting on her hip.
by Mathilde Dratwa
Available online: Friday, May 6 – Friday, May 12

Following the unexpected loss of her mother and subsequent discovery of her father’s infidelity, an adult daughter alternates between grief and anger. Her dad attempts to put into words his complicated feelings about love, loss, and lust. Meanwhile, the “other woman” ponders: What is an affair when it's no longer an affair? In Dirty Laundry, Mathilde Dratwa explores the absurdity and messiness of life and death.

From playwright Mathilde Dratwa: “I found out the day before my mom died that my dad had been having an affair for six years. The next thing I knew, I was asking my father all kinds of questions about his sex life. Like really, really detailed questions. When I started writing about it all, I knew I wanted to experiment with form — to try to make sense of a situation that makes no sense.”


When I first conceived of the play, there was no chorus. But I quickly discovered that I was interested in writing about miscommunication: all the things we wish we said to each other, all the things we fail to say, all the things we can't express. The chorus could articulate what the characters couldn't, and the members of the chorus became integral to the storytelling.


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