K Deisner
St. Louis,
Professional 1969 VW convertible beetle driver. 0 to 55 in 60 minutes!

I live in St. Louis, Missouri and commute to New York where I raise funds to support a missionary priest in Port Jefferson on Long Island.

Hope House Ministries is a non profit committed to working with youth and young adults who are in crisis..either homeless, experiencing mental illness, living with addictions or on the run from domestic violence.  www.hhh.org.

Aside from writing plays and poetry, I am a student of music, specifically jazz guitar.  I recently started a non-profit dedicated to supporting jazz musicians who perform and preserve the "straight ahead" sound.  In addition to jazz, I am also a fan of gospel music and play weekly at an African American parish in St. Louis.

My education and work experience include an MA in Historical Theology from Fordham University, 10 years of teaching secondary school in St. Louis, New York and the UK and over 20 years of successful fundraising.  

I have recently finished a short two person play and hope that it might see the light of day at some point.