Zach Czaia
Minneapolis, MN
Poet and playwright working out of Minneapolis, MN. Author of collection, SAINT PAUL LIVES HERE (IN MINNESOTA) from Wipf & Stock Press.


by Zach Czaia

A back-up high school quarterback thinks he sees his coach doing something inappropriate with another student. Will “QB-2” inform on the coach on what he thought he saw? Or will he let it go and focus on the game of his life?

COACH: male, 34 years old, head coach of Marshall Crusaders IKE: male, 17 years old, back-up quarterback for Crusaders (QB-2) REY: male, 17 years old, 3rd string tight end for Crusaders JO: female, 17 years old, cheerleader for the Crusaders VANCE: male, 15 years old, starting quarterback for the Crusaders The actors can be of any race or ethnicity and perform their roles well. The high school characters would best be played by people in their 20s at the oldest, and if high school age actors are available, that would be even better.