Sam Gooley
Los Angeles, CA
LA-Based Playwright whose plays include Steve Got Raped and This One Time in Last Chance

Sam is a nationally produced playwright whose plays include This One Time In Last Chance (The Attic, 2011 NYC International Fringe Festival), Steve Got Raped (The New Collectives, 2016 NYC International Fringe Festival); The Moderates (2017 Noteworthy Series, Theatre Of Note, Los Angeles); The Game Of Children; Fat Man Tapping (Co-written with Jason Sofge; Laurie Beechman Theatre).

His work has been presented or workshopped at such places as The Flea, The New Collectives, The Attic Theatre, Athena Theatre Co, Bare Bones Theatre Ensemble, Pogue Mahone Productions, The Push & Shove Theatre Company and The Amoralists. He has also been featured on the podcast "Theatre on the Radio" and served as the Playwright-in-Residence for the Attic Theatre Company in 2011. 

Production on his first screenplay "Daisy Dillion is Tied to a Chair" starts shooting this spring. 

He graduated from East Carolina University and is a proud member of the Dramatist Guild & the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights.


by Sam Gooley

Nothing ever happens in the small town of Last Chance,Colorado. Well, except for this one time when two guileless wanna-be drug dealers find a dead man in their motel room that throws their impending deal into hilarious mayhem. This One Time In Last Chance had it's world premiere at the 2011 NY International Fringe Festival. It was produced by The Attic Theatre Company. 

Man - Early 30s; any ethnicity. A guy who never really has anything go his way and blames it on everything but himself. He's loyal but not confident. Dude - Early 30s; any ethnicity. An overtly positive drug dealer. He doesn't let things get to him because he doesn't ever really think about the outcome; a moment-to-moment type of guy. Chester - 30s-40s; any ethnicity. He is a lonely man who only has one thing that's keeping him from complete despair. His dog. Who is missing. Dead Guy - He's a sensitive soul who would do anything for his son. He is also dead.
by Sam Gooley

Steve and Katie think they have life all figured out. Until Steve finds a smiley-face pregnancy test in the trash right before his bachelor party. Things become even more complicated when Steve wakes up the next day missing his pants and questioning his fidelity. Was Steve’s encounter with a surprise guest consensual or was it not? What do you do when you’re stuck in the grey area of consent, monogamy, and societal expectations? This is a story showcasing a generation standing on the precipice of adulthood and asking the question: Am I ready for what comes next?

STEVE, thinks he's the "boy next door", 28 KATIE, trying to be the "girl next door", 28 DERRICK, they think he is the immature one, 29 ARIEL, not trying to be anything she's not, 34
by Sam Gooley

Principal Tenisha Morrison and the hiring committee of St. Joseph's Catholic School must decide if the school's football coach should be reprimanded for posting a series of provocative tweets that voiced his anger over the recent verdict of a police brutality case. When personal beliefs interfere with office politics, these educators have to ask themselves if they are who they tweet they are.

Inspired by real tweets...



My play "The Moderates" received a staged reading on December 14th, 2017 at Theatre of NOTE in Hollywood, CA as a part of Theatre of NOTE'S noteworthy series.

Federal Theatre Project will present a staged reading of my new full-length play "The Moderates" on November 11th, 2017 at the Spooky Action theatre in Washington, DC. See link for more info!

The Moderates - Federal Theatre Project

Sam Gooley's play Steve Got Raped will be a part of Dreamwell Theatre's 2017/2018 season in Iowa City, Iowa! See link for more info:

Sam Gooley's play Steve Got Raped will be a part of Bare Bones Theatre Ensembles 2017 season in Harrisburg, PA. See the link for more info:

Sam Gooley's play "Steve Got Raped" received a reading in January as a part of the "Athena Reads" series at the Athena Theatre Company in New York City.