Rashida Costa
She, her, hers
Wellington, FL

Rashida Costa is an actress, Playwright, and celebrated Jamaican-American author with multiple publications available today, her work includes books like Who Lives in The Little Wooden House and 365 Days Smarter.

She is an actress known for theatrical plays such as the RECLUSE and AT ALL COST http://www.at-all-cost.com/ among other credits.

Rashida is the Playwright for the groundbreaking play AT ALL COST that was produced by the Riant Theatre. 

She is the founder and CEO for Theatre and All Things Dramatics.

A graduate of South University, Rashida is married with 2 children.


by Playwright Rashida Costa

Set in the South in 1945 after WWII, Wray Edmond, a Black soldier returns home in pursuit of a better life for his family and purchases a Casino after being denied the benefits of the G.I. Bill.


Rashida Costa as Juanita Edmonds Au Hogan as Wray Edmonds Amir Royale as Sunny Edmonds Immanuel Simmons as Edison Brown Alessandro Caronna as Mr. Hughes Directed by Rudoplh Shaw