Noah Diaz
Council Bluffs, IA


Bobbi Anne King is America’s favorite Home Shopping Network host!
Bobbi Anne King is a good wife!
Bobbi Anne King is a mogul!
Bobbi Anne King is a star!
But when Bobbi Anne King catches her husband having an affair with a man in her guest bedroom, she will use her platform on live national television to come to terms with what it means to reach the pinnacle of success and realize you are all alone. The Home Shopping Network Pageant Play is a roiling theatric melodrama with shoes! crying! husbands! wives! bedspreads! emotions! dancing! glitter! swimwear! and a good old-fashioned dance-off!

3 women, 2 men

A play about women; about daughters and mothers // a play about the tropics, death, birth, rain, adoption, white trucks, peaches, rabbis, weddings, Tuesdays, hair ties, eyelashes // about what’s spoken and unspoken and understood and everything in-between // about swimming pools, wine, lists, wrists, fists, poetry, Burger King napkins, divorce, confessions, PowerPoint presentations, and the parallel lives we were never meant to lead // a play about learning how to carry on and all the things we must leave behind /// The Motherhood Almanac is a fiercely passionate tapestry of stories about the life inside each of us, as told by women and the women who raised them.

6 women

It’s 1929 and Jack and June, the Deaf stars of a major Hollywood studio's silent films, find themselves on top of the world! Their hearing daughter, Violet, finds herself comfortably in their shadow, happily interpreting and communicating for them as needed. But when the talking movies suddenly explode onto the scene, Jack and June find themselves displaced, out of work, and cast to the studio's dark and dreary basement where they meet and befriend a gang of other displaced misfits. As Jack and June struggle to reinvent themselves, Violet begins to test the waters of her own self-discovery, trying to learn what it means to step into the spotlight for herself. Jack and June and The Great Bassoon! is a new play for young audiences about deafness, silent movies, talkies, vaudeville, Shakespeare, jazz, unlikely friendships, being excluded and being displaced and learning how to discover yourself in the quiet places you never thought you’d go.

4 women, 4 men