Nicholas Baker
Brooklyn, NY
Nick Baker is a playwright, actor and deviser based out of Brooklyn, NY. His work values community, radical healing, and examining the uncomfortable.


by Nicholas Baker

Jonny, a donut shop cashier perpetually stuck in place, has vivid dreams of his inner Emcee breaking out of his shell. Waking up determined to change, he finally asks out Mary-Anne, the girl from down the block. But reality is never perfect, as Jonny’s journey to understanding his deep-rooted issues and who he wants to become is just beginning.



Summer 2021: Wrote and staged a digital play I Hope You're Well through Imaginarium Theatre Company, based out of NY.  Also, I am now working with Imaginarium as a facilitator of a Summer writing group that will run from July to mid-September.

Spring 2017: Held a workshopped staging of Working On It: A Story of Struggle, Love, and Donuts at the New Africa House Experimental Lab in UMass Amherst.

Spring 2019: Held a successful staged reading of And Then a Fight Broke Out at the New Africa House Experimental Lab in UMass Amherst.