Miller Shor
Saint Paul, MN
National Theatre Institute alumni, Macalester college BA

Alumni of the National Theatre Insititute at the Eugine O'neill Theatre Center and Macalester College. West Coast rased, Midwest based. Queer, feminist, radical. Only kind of a dirty hippy. 


Carrie and Taisie could not be more different. One, a white woman existing in 1927 Virginia, and the other a Black woman in California during the year 2006. Worlds apart, these two women are brought together by forces unseen. As they navigate their separate landscapes, and navigate what it means for them to be together in a space with more questions than answers, Carrie and Taisie uncover the trauma that has brought them together. sterile. is an investigation of what it means to survive in institutions designed to destroy.

This play explores the ugly history of the American legal system and all the ways in which it hasn’t changed. This play was developed in partnership with Voices of Witness as an attempt to amplify the unheard voices of women destroyed by the eugenics movement, and as a fundraising tool for the Minnesota Prison Doula Project. It is our hope that this play can spread awareness of the horrors occurring in this country and raise money for organizations that work to combat this horror. 

Developed in collaboration with the Minnesota Prison Doula Project, and Voices of Witness. 

12 actors required. Lots of double casting.

A queer couple spars as they try to rebuild their life after trauma. Spoiler: love wins. 

1 female, 1 non-binary



Williamstown Theatre Festival, 2019

Director: Esther Cohen


Portland Stage Company - June 2018

Director: Gabe Walker 


Gemco Players Take Ten 2015