Marc Sully
Fair Haven, NY

Plays developed, read, produced by theaters such as Playwrights Horizons, The Huntington Theatre, Next Stages, West Bank Cafe, Ensemble Studio Theater, H.E.R.E., the Workhouse, Malaparte, All Seasons, and the Harvardwood ART alum reading series.   Cast member of the quickly forgotten late night 1990’s soaps Alianthus Grove and SPYZ.   Nominated by the Huntington for 2002 Kesselring Prize for HE WHO.    2008 O’Neill National Playwrights Conference Semi-Finalist for NOISE OF MADMEN.   2013 O’Neill Finalist THE BOY WITH THE TORN HAT.    One full-length film produced, RED DOG, SCOOTER, APPLESAUCE.  Some of the above credited under “Ardito.”

Over the years have studied, worked with, been mentored by Don Scardino, Nicholas Martin, Eduardo Muchado, Keith Reddin, L Jay Oliva, Katherine Kerr, Billy Hopkins, Paul Austin, Kitsi Waterson, among others.  

Inaugural Yale Writers Workshop alum.   Former member of the Wynn Handman Studio at Carnegie Hall.   Graduate of New York University and the University of Pennsylvania.   A Violet Quaker.


Through a gentrified downtown, a family reunion takes place.

Miranda - 60-70's. Charles - 60's. Eddie - mid 20's. Brian - 30. Lynn - early 20's.

Set during the last years of the Peloponnesian War, Thucydides' daughter arrives from Athens to help her father finish his life's work, his History of the War.  To do so, she must recruit a veteran of the Expedition to Sicily to retrieve what should be a last and most vital source to her father's work: Athens' most infamous, most able statesman, Alcibiades.     


Classmates from a Carnegie Hall acting studio meet up years later at an upstate college town.   Eddie there for  his usual summer stage experience.   Nicky there to shoot a movie.    Can either look back and say they did it right?    

EDDIE - first seen in his 20's - later nearly 50. Found early success on a hit Sitcom. Became working actor, a theater professional, ever since. Has lived in the same Village apartment for twenty years. NICKY - first seen in her 20's - later nearly 50. Waiting for her big break meant doing it herself. Found her footing as an indie film maker. TISH - mid-20's. Expensive grad acting school and just off a small part on Broadway where she met Eddie. Things have fallen into place for her. But does she want this life? ANNETTE - 70's. Working actor. Still doing it. Still needing to do it. Always working paycheck to paycheck, gig to gig. It's a tough life, but one she loves.