Magaly Colimon (Colimon-Christopher


by Magaly Colimon

THE HUNTING SEASON is a mystical play about a family’s struggling to protect their son from police brutality.  A Haitian mother has a premonition that her son will be hunted and killed by police on his 18th birthday.  This nonlinear, magical realism piece explores an immigrant woman’s struggles to use spiritual power and incantations to alter her son’s possible fate as a Black man in America. (For more info go to

7 female characters; 6 male characters (7 actors - 2 playing multiple roles)
by Magaly Colimon-Christopher

It’s Adina Jamison 30th birthday and she is on the verge of making some life-altering choices.   How does a former valedictorian/college dropout/people-pleasing-mother-of-four-young-children claim her right to choose her destiny? It takes a batch of marijuana-infused brownies, uncovering three generations of secrets, and the support of loved ones for her to finally live her life - her way.  (2018 O'NEILL NPC FINALIST)

5 adult females (ages 25-70); 1 eleven year-old female; 1 male


"The Hunting Season" is a 2021 O'Neill NPC Semi-Finalist

The Hunting Season debuted at PLANET CONNECTIONS THEATRE FESTIVITY 2018.  

Magaly’s writing credits and producing credits include BN4REAL (web series), YES MADAME (short film), HER TORY (short film), THE HUNTING SEASON (play), DESTINATION: OOOH, AAH, YUMMY (play), BUTTERSCOTCH AND HOT FUDGE, STRAIGHT TALK AGAINST THE GRAIN (play), PARALLELS (screenplay co-written with