Lisa Collins
she or her
Portland, OR
Lisa Collins began writing in junior high school while living in Okinawa, Japan. Lisa has traveled and has a rich love for the arts: acting and writing.


Lunch Room is about two women trapped in a lunch room at work. One a high end jet setter and  the other  an up in coming junior executive.  The situation of being trapped forces both women to count on each other and know each other in a way that surprises them both.

Renee: top level executive in an corporate agency, power woman, single gay, assertive Dana: mid level management trainee in same corporate agency, emotional, insecure, finding herself Secretary: works for Renee Worker: construction worker


Hi Lisa:

Thank you for submitting for Manhattan Repertory Theatre's NEW WORKS PLAY SERIES.

We loved your play and we would be thrilled if you would participate in this theatrical event with your production! 

A dream come true thanks PWC!