Laura Scruggs
Chicago, IL
Laura is a Network Playwright at Chicago Dramatists & a Dramatist Guild member. She has a B.S. in Elementary Education & M.A. in Communication, Media & Theatre


by Laura Scruggs

"Punk Grandpa" is the story of how Laura did not fit into her family, church or other social groups and how her grandpa helped her find her identity and realize that it's okay to be different. The show takes place over one magical weekend when she was 5 3/4 years old and exhibits her grandpa's unique sense of humor and reckless, abandoned approach to life!  The story is portrayed through storytelling, music, dance, family photos & film footage and a little bit of puppetry.

Laura Scruggs
by Laura Scruggs and Pat Welsh

The show is about a seven year old misfit boy, Anauf, whose only and best friend, his Grandma Meg, has just died. Then, Anauf meets Grandma Meg's best friend, Mrs. SWAK (as in Sealed With A Kiss, an immortal, time traveling, magical woman); who, in Grandma Meg's absence, helps Anauf find his identity through interactions with the faeries, wish traditions from different cultures, playing on the ceiling, seeing life from a different perspective and finding the magic in the every day.  



Laura was featured on StoryCorps, talking about her grandpa and her one woman show about him, "Punk Grandpa."

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