Kevin Daly
Hamden, CT

I am a thirty-seven-year-old playwright living in New Haven, Connecticut where I serve as Director of the Theater Program at Quinnipiac University. I received my MFA in Playwriting from Indiana University ('08).  To date, I have written sixteen full-length plays.   


My professional credits include the Manhattan Theatre Club, The Barrow Group, Windy City Playhouse, Aston Rep, Curious Frog Theatre Company, 5th Letter Productions, The Neil Simon Festival, Panndora Productions, and JET Ensemble Theatre.  My plays have been named semi-finalists for the National Play Conference at the O'Neill ('10,’11,’13,'14),  winner of the Neil Simon Festival New Play Contest (’16), runner-up for the Bottle Tree Inc. Playwriting Prize ('14), finalist for the Kitchen Dog Theatre New Works Festival (’14), finalist for the Woodward Newman Drama Award ('11, ‘15), finalist for the Reva Shiner Award (’16), semi-finalist for the Bay Area Playwrights Festival (’12), and finalist for the Julie Harris Playwriting Award (’09). I have presented plays at the William Inge Festival, NETC Conference, and the ATHE Conference.  


Agent Information

Marta Praeger

Robert A. Freedman Dramatic Agency

1501 Broadway— Suite 2310

New York, New York 10036

(212) 840-5766


by Kevin Daly

Trees by the Station is the story of Leo Teller, a Jewish Hungarian immigrant who moves to New Haven, CT. in 1965.  As he attempts to build a new life for himself in America, his childhood friends from Hungary return as shadows on the wall.  They haunt him.  They remind him of a violin he stole from a classmate when he was nine years old. 

This script incorporates a non-linear narrative, shadow theatrics, and non-naturalistic scenes to inspire the feeling of a living nightmare.  When I drafted this script I was interested in how a person’s attempts to revise their past might impact their future.  


by Kevin Daly

In Where is Everybody? a retiring high school physics teacher attempts to connect with his two sons by engaging in his oldest son's imaginative entrepreneurial ideas.   The title of the play eludes to the Fermi Paradox, which asks why we haven’t seen signs of intelligent life in the universe despite the overwhelming statistical probability that we should.  Through this lens, the play asks big questions about the universe and our place within it.  


by Kevin Daly

In Kings and Fools centers on a lower-middle class family as they prepare for their annual Labor Day weekend barbecue.  The patriarch, a retired shipping yard worker, and his wife are struggling to make sense of a younger son who has all but cut ties with them and an older son that is quickly becoming the neighborhood outcast.  


8 total (5m, 3f)
by Kevin Daly

Tommy Beeker attempts to connect with his two siblings by pitching his wildly imaginative entrepreneurial ideas at the worst possible time.  

3 actors (2m, 1f)
by Kevin Daly

East Rock centers on a middle age engineer whose life is brought into conflict when his adult son from a previous marriage moves into his home after being released from prison.   The stipulations of his son’s parole, concerns from his predominantly white neighbors, and tensions within his household, all blend to confuse his understanding of how best to help his son.  


The play makes use of a single setting with minimal design/tech requirements.  There are seven characters (3m, 4f) with a variety of age ranges and ethnicities.  


7 total (3m, 4f)