Kenny D'Aquila
Burbank, CA
A veteran of both New York and Los Angeles stage, D’Aquila has appeared in nearly 30 plays, including Unorganized Crime, Les Miserables, Uptown, and Broadway Sc
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1327 W. Valleyheart Drive

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by Kenny D'Aquila

Gino Sicuso, a forgotten brother and son, is banished to Rochester by his father.  What transpires is a gripping, savage and wildly humorous tale between two brothers and the love of a women who is torn between loyalty and survival. 

Chazz Palminteri, Elizabeth Rodriguez, Kenny D'Aquila, Carmen Argenziano and Jack Topalian
by Kenny D'Aquila

The lives of inspirational singer Dee Winter, and her husband, Aaron, are changed forever when Myles, their 15-year-old son, a musical prodigy, dies tragically. They choose to live their lives completely without music, mourning his death for four years until Dee wishes to reclaim her career against the wishes of her husband, now a broken man and a shadow of his former self. Dee recruit’s assistance from her former manager, Annie, and Aaron’s best friend, Tobias, both who have long-time ties to Aaron. But it is Myles, after death, who seems to be having the most success, visiting his father in dreams, accompanied with music, leaving an indelible impression, and giving hope to a broken family trying to move forward after the loss of their son.

MYLES WINTER, fifteen A musical prodigy. An extremely accomplished playing piano and violin, only son of Aaron and Dee Winter. AARON WINTER, early fifties Married to Dee Winter. A high school music teacher whose passion for music is exceeded only by his love for his wife and son. DEE WINTER, late fortiesA beautiful and extremely talented performer. Torn between her devotion to her family and her career. ANNIE SIMMS, early fiftiesDee’s long-time manager and friend. Heavy-set, warm and gregarious. TOBIAS BUTLER, late fiftiesA tall, striking and physically imposing high school voice teacher. DANIEL / TIM GROVE, late fortiesDee's bass player / A drifter.