Jim Siering
Los Angeles, CA


In this comic reimagining of the zombie genre, a ragtag herd of the starving undead search for the last remaining humans to eat, but one visionary zombie resists. SUIT, a foodie in a former existence, can no longer stomach eating brains, and convinces DRESS, his witty but feral ex, that it is never too late to fulfill their lifelong dream of building a gourmet restaurant. 

SUIT: A food snob and visionary intellectual in a tattered suit. Became a zombie after 50 plus years of life as a human. Determined, thoughtful, and self-possessed. DRESS: Suit’s ex in a bloody dress. Also became a zombie after 50 or more years of human existence. Down-to-earth, combative, loyal, and always hungry. SCRUBS: A doctor in bloody scrubs. Became a zombie after 60 some odd years of living as a human. HOSPITAL GOWN: A hospital patient in a hospital gown. Also lived more than 60 years as a human being. Friendly and talkative. HAT: A former sous-chef in a hat. Became a zombie after 25-30 years of human life. Ethereal and other-worldly. HEELS: Dressed for dinner in fabulous heels. Also became a zombie after 25-30 years of humanity. Elegant and sensitive. HUMAN 1: A Goth teen in pale makeup, lots of eyeliner, and black clothes. HUMAN 2: Older sibling to human 1. A former biology student in survivalist gear.

A woman with a Gucci bag is shot on Fifth Avenue near Trump Tower. The two cops first on the scene are dismissed from the case and hole up in a dive bar to figure out why. A viral internet story connecting President Trump to the shooting leads to a nasty break-up between one of the cops and his Puerto Rican girlfriend, and spills over into an argument about immigration with the right-wing gun-slinging lesbian bartender. They drink and grapple with the twisted logic of online hysteria, but the resentment, racism, and rage of the characters, and their inability to agree on basic facts, to speak a common language, or to share an agreed-upon logic leads to an explosive climax.

Angie: Brassy, tough, older woman. Loves guns; hates liberals, immigrants and government. She is convinced that a secret cabal of the super-elite controls everything. Mikey: Middle aged, 50ish. Big, blond, beefy Irishman. Married with kids. Honest, determined old-fashioned. Joey: Younger, hipper Italian cop. Dates across racial lines. Tries to be open-minded.

Attempting to avoid the public on the way to casting a crucial vote on a tax bill, moderate senator, Suzanne Crawford, encounters a little girl at the service elevator, and promises her that she will always tell the truth.  Conflicted with guilt, the Senator strategizes how to be more truthful, while her handler, presidential aide, Kelly Corcoran, tries to talk her out of it.

Senator Suzanne Crawford: Middle-age, earnest, guilt-ridden, a little slow, conservative dresser. Kelly Corcoran: Young, fast-moving, aggressive, and cold-hearted. The Girl: A little innocent, a little bratty.

Just before dawn, two bored customs agents at Kennedy International Airport encounter a lone passenger on a flight from Israel, who appears to be Jesus of Nazareth.  His attempts to explain himself only heighten their suspicions that he is a potential terrorist, leading to a miraculous confrontation.

Mikey: Childish, playful, not too bright. Fashions himself a defender against Jihad. Cleo: No-nonsense stickler for the rules. Man: Apologetic, accommodating, eager to please.