James A. Goins
Palmdale, CA
Composer, Director, Writer, Teacher. Husband, Dad and Fan of all things creative!

James is a member of BMI, The Dramatist Guild of America, The American Composers Forum, The National Associsiation of Negro Musicians and The Playwrights Center. He is also the Executive Director of the Laity Institute of the Arts, a Private Arts Foundation. He learned to hone his skills in musical theatre through New Musicals Inc.​

He studied music under Emmy Award winning and Academy Award nominated composers such as Gerald Fried (Roots, Roots: The Next Generation, Star Trek, Napoleon and Josephine) Thom Sharp (When Harry Met Sally, City Slickers, Aladdin, Little Mermaid) Jerry Grant (Quantum Leap, Hired to Kill, Hunter) and composition under Dr. Russel Steinberg one of America's leading Neo-Classical composers, conductor and educator.​ He has been directly or indirectly involved in the entertainment industry for over 30 years.​

He has a BA in Theatre from California State University Dominguez Hills and later attended UCLA where he received his Teaching Credential and completed his training in Film Scoring from UCLA's Film Scoring program. He holds an Executive MBA from Grand Canyon University and is the President and CEO of VEL Productions LLC an indie film company.

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Currently seeking representation.


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Bridget's Girl Website

"Winner - Best Musical" Chameleon Theatre Circle's Tenth Annual New Play Contest

Bridget is trying to get started on her sculpture.  A skylight illuminates a wire structure roughly the size of a very tall female with arms reaching up standing in the middle of her studio, but every time she begins to work, something interferes.

A memory pops into her head; something one of her parents said makes her lose confidence; she gets a call about her daughter, Annie, ditching school again, or Richard, her husband, interrupts her to express his frustration with work. Then there’s the sexy painter down the hall, Jimmy, suggesting new possibilities and causing even more distraction.

In the past, Bridget got caught up in using her art to express her feelings about the whole gender thing.  There were the giant household appliances, the reptiles with human faces, the Medusa-like figure devouring the ram, but none of that work was taken seriously.  Her plan now is to make a sculpture in the Classical style, of the wood nymph, Daphne, transformed into a tree by her father to protect her from the advances of Apollo.  Annie still thinks this one is about being angry at men and wonders how her mother can make something beautiful when she’s angry.

Length: 120 Minutes 18 numbers 5M and 5W Set Requirements: Single Set with Multiple levels. Props and set pieces determine locations.
by James A. Goins

Way Back When Website

War has broken out over the death of a patriarch. One brother, taking his lead from the biblical story of Esau and Jacob, steals his brother’s birthright and the kingdom is split in two. Thus begins Way Back When (The tale of the Clown from Pollis Minor.)

At the start we meet Clown a court jester from the old kingdom of Pollis before it was split in two. He now rides back and forth between the two opposing kingdoms trying to mend what was once whole. Only cunning, skill and outright manipulation of men, their hearts and God can make that happen and Clown is the person for it.

With the end of the war his catalyst, and the love of two young lovers as his guide, he forges forth to uncover a most incredible secret, that if revealed would have dire consequence for both kingdoms!

Length: 90 Minutes 17 Numbers 5M and 5W (+) 4 Additional Set Requirements: Single Set. Props and set pieces determine locations.
by James A. Goins

This Time and Age Website

In eons past, before the awakening of Man (אדם - Adam) a great rebellion took place in the heavens. It was a war so fierce that one-third of the beings from this dimensional realm were defeated and cast out losing their positions and entrance to it forever. With this pretext in place our story begins.

Cyrus Peters has been searching for his father since the disappearance of millions of people around the world. One day while searching through his father's journal he comes across a slim drive hidden in the lining of the book with a cryptic message: 

"Return to God before the Fallen One finds." 

Believing his father may still be alive Cyrus sets out to find him by returning the book. But every step brings him closer to a face-to face confrontation with the Fallen One, who has himself been in hot pursuit of the one thing that could alter man's destiny for good by obtaining: "The Book of the Sealed."

With time ticking down and the world in upheaval, an eminent showdown between the forces of good and evil will throw us headlong into an adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seats as our hero comes face-to-face with the ultimate truth of This Time and Age.

Length 135 Minutes 20 numbers 9M and 2W (+) 10 Additional Set Requirements: Single multi-level set. Props and set pieces determine location
by James A. Goins

A series of scenes and one acts complied into one volume.

Length: 90 Minutes 5M and 5W Set Requirements: Single Set. Props and set pieces determine locations.


Bridget's Girl "2008 Winner - Best Musical" Chameleon Theatre Circle's Tenth Annual New Play Contest!