Jake Sullivan
He / him / his
Andover, MN


by Jake Sung-Guk Sullivan, based on the novel by Jack London

Based on Jack London's classic novel, this musical, told in the style of story theatre, tells the tale of Buck, a sheltered dog from California who is kidnapped and brought to the brutal Yukon, where he must face down man, beast, and his true nature to answer the call of the wild.

Buck Spitz, also plays Teek Curly, also plays Dub Sol-Leks Dave Billie Joe Dolly, also plays The Snow Hare, Skeet The She-Wolf The Wolf Dog, also plays Koona the HUMANS: Actor A, also plays The RUNAWAY Actor B, also plays Saloon Owner, Mercedes Actor C, also plays Manuel, Francois, Pete Actor D, also plays Perrault, Charles, Burton Actor E, also plays Judge Miller, The Man in the Red Sweater, John Thornton Actor F, also plays The Dog Man, Hal, Hans the ENSEMBLE: Railroad Officers, Goons, Dock Workers, Dock Dogs, Sled Dogs, the Feral Pack, Sled Drivers, Wolves
by Jake Sung-Guk Sullivan, based on the novel by Agatha Christie

Tommy and Tuppence are young, broke, and in love (Though they'd never admit it!) Desperate for work, the two young adventurers find themselves entangled in a plot that threatens to destroy the nation. Racing against the clock, the two friends must team up with unlikely allies to find the missing girl Jane Fish, a missing treaty, and decipher the identity of THE SECRET ADVERSARY!

by Jake Sung-Guk Sullivan

Join Brer Rabbit and his friends in a 45 minute children's musical, teaching the importance of saying "I'm Sorry". Based on the classic Uncle Remus stories, this musical features lively blues and bluegrass music and a lively bunch of animal characters.