Inda Craig-Galvan
Los Angeles, CA

Inda is a Chicago native, living in Los Angeles. Her plays have been developed and performed at Ojai Playwrights Conference, Eugene O'Neill National Playwrights Conference, Oregon Shakespeare Festival Black Swan Lab, The Old Globe, San Francisco Playhouse, Playwrights' Arena, and others. Kesselring Prize, Jeffry Melnick New Playwright Award, Kilroys List, The Mix, Kennedy Center Rosa Parks Playwriting Award, Humanitas Play Prize, runner-up for the Princess Grace Playwriting Prize. MFA in Theatre, University of Southern California.

Agent Information

Jonathan Mills, Paradigm Agency


Sabrina Jackson cannot cope with the death of her son by a White cop. Rather than herald the Black Lives Matter movement, Sabrina retreats inward, living out a comic book superhero fantasy. Will Sabrina stay in this dream world or return to reality and mourn her loss?

8: 2 F AA, 1 F A, 4 M AA, 1M W

A suburban couple hosts a welcome-to-the-neighborhood dinner party for their new neighbors — a couple recently (forcibly) relocated from Chicago's roughest housing project — and it's anything but welcoming. A dark intra-racial comedy about reverse gentrification and how we deal with the "other" when the other looks just like us.

4: 2 F AA, 2 M AA

When racism and oppression manifest in a scary, physical form, a social media influencer and a boots-on-the-ground activist form a complex bond of friendship to help each other survive. The play, developed in workshop with the Humanitas Prize, explores the effects of a never-ending barrage of trauma on the women who are continually looked at to lead a movement of resistance and change. What happens when there's no more outside space for the growing monster that is American racism?

2: 2 F AA

When 70s film prom queen Carrie is your role model, your adolescence must really suck. Will Lanny grow into a well-adjusted adult who can forgive her mother's many faults? Or will she burn the whole town to the ground with telekinetic powers? Well, a girl can dream, can't she? A play full of good music, bad memories, and the hope for a better Scott Baio.

4 F AA 1 M W

A woman and man fall in love, thanks to a Tinder match. Little do they know they just happen to be lifelong rival crime lords. "The Shop Around the Corner" meets 70s blaxploitation. Because. (10-min)

4: 1 F AA, 1 F Any, 1 M AA, 1 M Any


Welcome to Matteson! awarded Jeffry Melnick New Play Prize.

Inda Craig-Galván awarded Kesselring Prize.

Welcome to Matteson! receives American Blues Theater's 2018 Blue Ink Playwriting Award.