Imani Vaughn-Jones
East Point, GA
Writer and actress based in Atlanta. Black af, sucker for a good plot twist, not afraid to kill off your favorite character

Imani Vaughn-Jones is an actress and writer thriving in Atlanta, GA with her husband Daniel and their twin basil plants. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing and English with a concentration in screenwriting from Southern New Hampshire University. When she's not on the stage or screen, you can find her furiously jotting down random plot ideas. Her work focuses on the themes of race, power, trust, and relationships. She's a sucker for a good plot twist and isn't afraid to kill off your favorite character.

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Unrepresented and ready for someone splendid


by Imani Vaughn-Jones

FULL-LENGTH: Upon moving to Atlanta, Nia, a Black aspiring writer, and Topher, a white aspiring actor must find a way to navigate daily violence and the entertainment industry while trying to keep their marriage in-tact. It’s after a racist encounter with an industry professional that their relationship faces the ultimate test, and Nia is forced to choose between her relationship and herself. A play that’s meant to be both read and seen, Well-Intentioned White People explores police brutality, allyship, Black survival, and the inherent violence of whiteness.

2F, 2M | Both women and one of the men should be Black. The other man should be white. The ensemble must be dynamic as they share a rotating cast of eighteen characters.
by Imani Vaughn-Jones

10 MINUTE DIGITAL PLAY: After retweeting one of his students in support of Black Lives Matter, Kenan is fired from his position as assistant drama teacher. What follows is a conversation with his best friend, Deja, about the reality of systemic racism, the horrors of 2020, and their hope for the next generation, all over a drink or two.

1F, 1M | Kenan. mid-late 20s, Black, gay cis or trans man Deja mid-late 20s, Black, straight cis woman
by Imani Vaughn-Jones

10 MINUTE PLAY: Things are going well for Oren and his new girlfriend Luz, until one night she reveals that she is actually Lucifer -- the Lucifer -- and destroys everything Oren ever thought he knew about God, the Devil, and the infamous fall.

1F, 1M | Luz – Female. Appears to be early-mid 30s. Visibly Latina or Afro Latina. | Oren – Male. Early 30s. Any race.
by Imani Vaughn-Jones

10 MINUTE PLAY: When their son asks for a bulletproof backpack while back-to-school shopping, parents Rob and Angela must confront their fears and anxieties about the world we live in.

1 F, 2 M | ANGELA - 30s, Female, Black ROB - 30s, Male, Black MARCUS - 7, Male, Black


My play 'A Single F*cking Retweet' was presented as part of Purdue Theatre's Theatre, Virtually Festival.

My play 'Well-Intentioned White People' was recently presented as part of Theatrical Outfit's 2021 Graham Martin Unexpected Play Festival. The play will be receiving another reading in March with Hear Me Roar theatre before going on to debut off-Broadway as part of the Broadway Bound Theatre Festival in August 2021.