Hope Villanueva
Rockville, MD


A female Marine returns home from deployment in Afghanistan to begin planning her wedding. While being tormented by her controlling sister and mother, she fights against the ghosts she's returned with from her experience overseas.


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Theatre Washington: Take Ten

Washington Post: How D.C. and the Women’s Voices Theater Festival are leading the quest for gender parity in theater

3 women, 2 men

Told in a fast-moving, untraditional narrative, the world of a trio of high school girls is upset by the arrival of a likable new girl. They keep their new enemy close until they can exact their revenge, the consequences of which follow all of them into adulthood. It turns out, the perpetrators are the ones who will never recover. (In development currently)

4 women, 1 man All roles race-neutral

Written in response to a call for scripts about gun violence in schools following the Parkland School shooting in Florida.

Paul and his mother, Reina, worry about Paul's sister, who may have been on campus during the UCSB shooting in 2014. In the aftermath, Paul is left to care for their younger sister, who is autistic.

***Please contact the writer if you would like to include this in any readings for violence awareness or support for gun safety laws. License fees will likely be waived

3 women, 1 man All actors should be Latino/a

A pair of hermit crabs live at the seashore with a sea anemone. As is typical, one of the hermit crabs has a few things stuck to his shell, but the other has an obscene amount. The tide is rising and the first crab and the anemone must convince the second crab to give up those hoarded objects to save them from the quickly rising seas.

*Publication pending, via YouthPlays

**Produced by Honolulu Theatre for Youth 2011

3 actors, gender and race neutral