Hannah Hartmann
New York, NY

New Englander living in New York City and missing fresh air daily. Playwright - Actor - Songwriter BFA NYU Tisch

A realist who lives by faith, fascinated with the human struggle of the everyday in the face of the eternal. Stories with meaning in unexpected places. Characters with odd pastimes. Modern parable writer. Plays include NATIVE (O'Neill Semifinalist), SEE HORSES, and NIGHTJAR.


Finalist - The Calicchio Emerging American Playwright Prize, Marin Theatre Company, 2017
Semifinalist - Eugene O'Neill Theater Center - NPC 2016


It is the end of summer at the Native American Institute's Camp for Kids and the counselors are restless. Driver the mixed, Liz the fractional, Levi the self-proclaimed, and Alana the outsider work under the care of Mary, an elder. But it's camp after all, pee in a bush, make a pinch-pot; it's all fun and games until someone is outed as a faker. NATIVE is a coming of age story in an age of personal culture claiming.

Set in New England, present day. 

MARY [female, 60s] A Native American elder. Head of the Museum. Storyteller. DRIVER [male, 26] Mixed Native American. Head counselor. Artist. LIZ [female, 19] Fractional Native American. Seasoned counselor. Straight-shooter. LEVI [male, 18] Self-proclaimed Algonquian. Temp counselor. A fanatic. ALANA [female, 15] Caucasian. Volunteer on a school requirement. Corrective.

Semifinalist - Eugene O'Neill Theater Center NPC, 2018
Staged Reading - Ensemble Studio Theatre, 2017

FULL LENGTH - 3W, 3M with doubling

Eastern Kentucky, coal country. The miner in his coal vein can’t stand up straight; a young man in his black vein is dancing in light. In 1950 a mining family is kicking off coal dust; business is good, and Della is the first of her family to leave for college. In 2017 the coal dust’s scrubbed clean, but Della’s still here, housing a family she didn’t expect. NIGHTJAR is a test of grace under pressure, from the interior and the exterior.

MARCUS [male, 40s] Eastern Kentucky coal operator YOUNG DELLA [female, 18-25] the coal miner’s daughter PEG [female, 40s] wife, sharp witted MEAN DADDY [male, 70s-80s] granddad, legacy coal miner DELLA [female, 80s] the same coal miner’s daughter, quiet grace, stern CRICKET [female, mid 20s] works at the old store REDD [male, mid 20s] Cricket’s brother, an addict BUOY [male, 70s-80s] ex-marine, the customer who’s always there



In 1938, the Flying Horse Carousel of Watch Hill, RI mysteriously survived the worst hurricane New England's ever seen by being buried under sand. In the near future, the town has been evacuated in the wake of an apocalyptic storm, but six people have chosen to stay: a young chaos seeker, a deli caretaker, a popcorn lady, a doomsday prepper, a fading physicist with a tin choral top, and a woman who’s lost all hope. It is a place you would recognize, but upside down - a timeless place and maybe even the end of all time. Here allegory and reality are the present, and it's near impossible to define what forces are fictitious. But remember, “centrifugal force” does not exist.

Set in Rhode Island, future

IRENE [female, 70s] popcorn lady, survivor ISAIAH [male, 82] toys and beach shop owner, physicist GRETA [female, 45] mother, failed scientist PERPETUA [female, 17] daughter, chaos seeker SANDY [male, late 60s] yacht club cast-off, a doomsday prepper COSMO [male, 40] deli & gelato, a caretaker


NATIVE by Hannah Hartmann - Finalist, The David Calicchio Emerging American Playwright Prize, Marin Theatre Company 2017

NIGHTJAR by Hannah Hartmann - Semifinalist - Eugene O'Neill Theater Center National Playwrights Conference, 2018

NATIVE by Hannah Hartmann - Semifinalist - Eugene O'Neill Theater Center National Playwrights Conference 2016