Fran Astorga
San Francisco, CA
Fran (they/them) is a queer Latinx/Chicanx creator

Fran (they/them) is a queer Latinx/Chicanx creator that upholds, "if 'all the worlds a stage,' then we need to ensure that the world we represent on our stages insights action for the world we need and not the world we need to leave behind." They've had the privilege of working across the country and abroad in educational and community-centric theatre. Their work has primarily been showcased and performed in California's Central Valley -- where they call home. The stories and art that excite Fran most are those that dismantle monolithic expectations for marginalized identities. 



Three friends escape into the Santa Cruz mountains in search of a place to swim and BBQ. They packed for the beach without realizing they had a treacherous hike down a ravine. Once at a waterhole the consumption of some shrooms sets the stage for a heartfelt adventure between friends too tired to know how to rest.

This is a QT,BIPOC show. These foos are inspired by queer, trans, fat, disabled, brown, and black persons. Please take care of the cast in and outside of process and honor their relation to the earth, sky, and one another. ACHIOTE "CHIO", APESTOSE "APÉ", SHROOM, and TAQUACHE "TAKI"


EXHAUSTION ARROYO was selected as a featured full-length play reading in the 2022 LATINX THEATRE COMMONS COMEDY CARNAVAL 

EXHAUSTION ARROYO was produced as a reading in B Street Theater and IN THE MARGIN's New American Theatre Festival (2021). 

EXHAUSTION ARROYO was developed and workshopped with IN THE MARGIN 

EXHAUSTION ARROYO was commissioned as part of the National New Play Network's Bridge Program (2021)