Eva Adderley
Iowa City, IA
I am a playwright and costume designer living in Iowa City, Iowa. My plays have been performed in Iowa, New York, Cape Town, and Sydney..

Eva Adderley has written five full-length plays, The Boat House, The Rink of Red, Dreamer's Bread, First Footprints in the Snow, and  Good Company, as well as many shorter plays. Her work has been developed and/or produced at The University of Iowa, Davis County Theater (Bloomfield, Iowa), Sanguine Theater (NYC), Squeaky Bicycle Productions (NYC), and Short & Sweet Sydney. She has been a semi-finalist for the Eugene O'Niel conference, and a finalist for Sanguine Theater's Project Playwright and Wordsmyth Theater's reading festival. She was the winner of the 2012 International Student Playwright Award from the National Student Drama Theater in Scarborough, England. This summer, she will be participating in the 2015 Women Playwright's International Festival in Cape Town, South Africa. In addition to her work as a playwright, she has designed or constructed costumes for ten shows, including Romeo & Juliet, The Gentlemen of Verona, Marion Bridge, and new works by Jen Silverman and Andrew Saito. She has a BFA in Metal Arts with minors in Theater and French from The University of Iowa.

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by Eva Adderley

Sammy, Calvin, and Tom take refuge from the turmoil of their school and home lives between the crumbling walls of an abandonned boat house. There, they eat rotting apples, drink stolen acohol, and fall in and out of love. When Sammy learns the truth about Calvin's abusive father, she vows to do something about it. What that something is will forever alter the course of their young lives.

SAMMY-- female, 17 CALVIN--male, 18 TOM--male, 18 MR.CLARK--male, middle aged MZ. RICKY-- female, 30's COP-- any gender, any age
by Eva Adderley

Madeline (an exotic danger) and Gervaise (a baker) are lifelong friends who live in Bezier, France. As they help prepare the town for the annual bullfighting festival, they meet an arrogant matador named Pedrito. When Pedrito seeks Madeline out after her shows to make unwanted sexual demands, he incites Gervaise's rage. With the help of an aging actress rumored to be a witch, Gervaise concocts a clever plan to avenge her friend. But her plan is waylaid when she falls in love with Pedrito's poet brother.

Madeline-- female, 20 Gervaise-- female, 20 Pedrito-- male, 35 Eloi-- male, 28 Madame Astrie--female, 60

Jack is a disenchanged college grad. Olivia is a reclusive conspiracy theorist who believes her lover was abducted by aliens. Sybil is an ancient seer. The three couldn't be more different, but they are alike in one way: all three are struggling with a seizure disorder. And when Jack meets Olivia's niece, Sarah, their lives become inextricably intertwined.

Jack--male, 23 Sarah-- female, 21 Ann-- female, 45 Olivia-- female, 40 Sylvia/Sybil-- female, 35 Nurse/Follower-- male, 28

First Footprints In The Snow is a comedic noire. On a snowy winter day, irreverent detective Allouette finds two jewel theives hiding in her coworker Richard's, cabin. But when the investigation is interupted by the discovery of a young girl, claiming to be Richard's lover, who has also gone into hiding in the cabin, Allouette learns that the case is far more complicated than it first appeared.

Allouette--female, 25 Richard-- male, 35 Nolan--male, 30 Annette-- female, 30 Martha-- female, 16

When estranged brothers Jay and Nathan meet for the first time in years, Jay learns an upsetting truth about his mother. 

JAY-- male, 40 NATHAN-- male, 35


Good Company was part of the 2015 International Women's Playwriting Conference in Cape Town

The Prospect was a part of Davis County Theater's 2014 Summer Shorts Festival.

The Prospect was a part of Short & Sweet Sydney's 2011 festival.

The Boat House was produced by the University of Iowa in 2012.

The Boat House was a part of Squeaky Bicycle Production's reading festival in NYC.