Enrique Acosta
Bakersfield, CA
I'm a composer, playwright, and director. Which means I serve coffee for a living.

Singer songwriter, Composer, and Playwright.  With an international tour for both his album and his musical under his belt, Enrique Acosta, would like to see his work interrpreted by someone else. 


by Jack Hill/Enrique Acosta

Adapted from Spider Baby by Jack Hill (Switchblade sisters, Foxy Brown).  The story of the Merrye family.  Each member suffers from a degenerative disorder that hits in puberty and causes them to lose control of their impulses.  Distant relatives want their land and the rest of the play covers a horror filled evening that redefines "family".  No pop culture references, no intentional camp, just horror and rock music.

VOICE, Can be triple cast with Messenger and Ebenezer VIRGINIA MERRYE, Beautiful wild young lady in her late teens to early 20's ELIZABETH MERRYE, Youngest of the Merrye's. Mid to late teens ANN MORSE, Schlockers secretary. Early to mid 20's EMILYHOWE, Stern but with a wild side. M id to late 20's PETER HOWE, Genial and a bit naive. Emily's younger brother. Early to mid 20's MESSENGER, Dies early. Could be triple cast with voice and Ebenezer BRUNO, The caretaker. Worn down by a life of service. A father figure. Mid 40's to older. RALPH MERRYE, Eldest of the Merrye children. Little more than a slobbering beast. Early 20's. EBENEZER MERRYE, A rotting corpse. Can be a mannequin or triple cast with Voice and Messenger.