Dillon Yruegas
Boston, MA
Dillon Yruegas (he/él) is a queer trans mixed Coahuiltecan theatremaker from Texas currently residing in Boston, MA as the fellow for HowlRound Theatre Commons

Dillon Yruegas (he/él) is a queer trans mixed Coahuiltecan theatremaker from Central Texas who holds both a BFA in Theatre and a BA in Spanish from Texas State University. He is the current Fellow at HowlRound Theatre Commons, a steering committee member of the Latinx Theatre Commons, and a part of Company One Theatre's season 21 PlayLab cohort.

Through his artistry, Dillon strives to give a voice to those whose history has gone unnoticed, unseen, or been eradicated. He believes that theatre should not only be intersectional, highlighting marginalized communities, but continually pushing forward through innovation and diversity. As a company member of the Vortex Repertory Theatre, as well through various Austin theatre companies like Generic Ensemble Company, Austin Scottish Rite Theatre, and Capital T Theatre, Dillon has embodied, engaged, and emboldened these stories for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

With collaborator Dr. Jesse O'Rear, Dillon also facilitates workshops for trans and gender expansive performers through a series of meditative and movement based exercises in order to illuminate the joyful and fulfilling potential that performance holds for those of us from these historically marginalized experiences.


by Dillon Yruegas

Always wanted to know how transgender people of color go about their daily lives? Spoiler alert: they don't talk about ~the surgery~ or anything else that the Cis seem to be so obsessed about; they go to brunch and drink too many mimosas, just like you! In The Brunch Crowd, four twenty-something queer trans artists meet at their favorite Mexican brunch spot in heavily gentrified Austin, Texas. (A ten-minute version of an in-development full-length)

FLOR: trans woman of Afro-Mexican heritage. DALLAS: trans man of color. Q: Black or Afro-Indigenous non-binary person. ERIK/LA BRUJA-JA: non-binary person of Indigenous Texan/Mexican heritage
by Dillon Yruegas

Yasmine, a young mixed Indigenous Mexicana, questions the teachings of her family's Catholic faith and explores her gifts as a curandera. For audiences of all ages. Bilingual (Spanish and English).

YASMINE: late teens-early 20s. Mixed. Femme. Bilingual. LA CURANDERA: 40s-80s. Indigenous Mexican. Femme. Bilingual. ABUELITA: 60s-70s. Indigenous Mexican. Straight. Cis woman. Spanish speaking only. MAMÁ: 40s-50s. Indigenous Mexican. Straight. Cis woman. Spanish speaking only. FATHER: 40s-50s. White. Straight. Cis man. English speaking only. Can be double cast with one of the VENDORS. PRIEST: 30s-60s. Bilingual. Can be double cast with one of the VENDORS. VENDOR 1 & 2.


Solo play, no soy de aquí ni de allá is selected for the 2021 Trans AND Festival at Ohio State University.

The Brunch Crowd selected for the 2021 TransTheatreFest (UWisconsin-Madison)

"Dillon, thank you so much for sharing your work with us. Our Play Selection Committee members were wildly impressed by the sheer quality of your work and it's reinvigorated us to keep putting in care and love and effort into TransTheatreFest. Truly, thank you."

Guthrie Theatre: Playwriting for Native Writers facillitated by Marisa Carr.

Company One Theatre Season 21 PlayLab cohort