Diane Davis
sher / her / hers
NYC/Bronx, NY
An NYC playwright, director and producer.

Diane Davis is a playwright, director and producer from New York City. Her full-length plays include Complicity (HB Studio Residency) and Session Spotting. Diane’s one act plays include What's What, and The Night Becomes Morning. Her ten-minute plays include On the Line, and Dueling Technicians (AMIOS, Shotz). Through Eden Theater Company, Diane produced The Room Series (zoom plays), Scrambled Porn (Flea Theater), FlipSide (Flea) and the ETC Labs (Zoom and Shetler Studios). Diane has also directed a variety of plays in both New York and Vermont. She is currently an MFA student at Goddard College, and received a BA in Theatre from Bennington College. As an actor, Diane studied at The Royal Academy in London and with Sandy Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse. Early in her career, Diane interned with Lee Strasberg and Ellen Chenoweth at The Actors Studio. Currently, she is the Artistic Director for Eden Theater Company.


Once a victim of a Hollywood predator, Tig Kennedy turns the tables, and seeks justice against the system that aided and abetted the perpetrator. In trying to reclaim her life, Tig challenges the power and complicity of rules in the Hollywood game, and how women work within those rules.


A young girl and her sister, affected by the untimely death of their mother, memoiralize her passing.

by Diane Davis and Amanda Enzo

Professor NWA, an art history professior, leads her class in a lesson on the history of art that takes a turn into the revolution. 


The power of family is challenged by two sisters, Perry and Vivian, who try to maintain a meaningful role in their mother Sophie's life and finances. Staying Together is a play about claiming one’s place in the family to keep it together.



HB Studio Residency (Summer 2019) Play Development and Staged Reading