Denise David Williams
Los Angeles, CA

After earning a B.A. in Theatre Arts from Hofstra University and attending the University of Southern California Graduate Film Producing program, Ms. Williams worked as a production executive developing movies, television and theatre with dozens of A-list writers and directors, before becoming the writer/producer that she always aspired to be. 

A GOOD AMERICAN is autobiographical and is Denise's first play. She is the writer and producer of the motion picture, JOHN MACK:THE BELIEVER and is the co-writer/producer of the movie, LOVE AFTER.

Denise's passion and intention as an artist is to inspire the world through words and stories to see life from a higher perspective. We are more than this physical reality, we are not alone, and there is meaning and purpose to our lives, are themes that run through her work.



by Denise David Williams

A young girl struggles to navigate her traumatic childhood torn between her parent’s conflicting religious beliefs and prejudices while desperately trying to find her own identity. 


Leeza (Lise), an immigrant Jew, has converted to Catholicism to be accepted into her husband's family, but as she watches her children being raised as Catholics, she suffers a crisis of guilt 
and remorse and creates a separate and secret life of Judaism for herself and her children in the basement. 

The children, in particular youngest daughter, Annie, are torn between an upstairs/downstairs life of secrets and lies. Annie lives in terror of her father finding out about their secret life, and  tries to be what each parent wants her to be. 

Annie struggles to find her own identity and break the cycle of prejudice and religious conflict that has devastated her family and emotionally crippled her.

The themes of A Good American are religous conflict, identity and love.




A reading of A Good American was chosen and sponsored by Samuel French, Hollywood.
It was a huge success!