David T Douglas
McKinney, TX
author & playwright

David T Douglas is a playwright and award-winning short story author. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild and a past board member of several Dallas–Fort Worth writers organizations. With a penchant for combining romance and mystery, David often writes of central love stories affected (for better or worse) by murder, secrets, or past transgressions. Other frequent hallmarks include surprising twists, ambiguous supernatural components, and — drawing from his own experiences — a main character who uses a wheelchair. David's most successful work, "The Bruised Banana," has won two awards as a short story and has been produced as a play. David's other works include the full-length plays: Railbird, which has received readings across DFW; and Purple-Eyed Teddy, which has received readings in Waco and Fort Worth. Additionally, David's short plays have been selected for multiple festivals, such as The Seven (FUSION Theatre – Albuquerque), First Impressions Festival (Imprint Theatreworks – Dallas), and the Dallas One-Minute Play Festival.